10 Habits of Highly Stylish Women

April 27, 2017

Ever wonder why some girls always look effortlessly pulled-together and, as a result, a tad more stylish than you? Some might describe it as the very definition of je ne sais quoi, but I’m not completely sold.

Yes, Rocking the coolest labels and piling on “It” items might give you a boost of instant stylish gratification, but in six months those pieces will be out of style, you’ll be out a month’s rent, and you’ll feel compelled to keep up with the cycle of buying the next round of coveted pieces. It’s tiring.

From simple outfit tricks to keeping your investments in tip-top condition, here are 10 things all stylish people do to remain on top of the fashion game.

1. Spend time playing with outfit combinations and remembering them. It’s not necessarily all about planning for specific days or events, but knowing that everything in your wardrobe works with something. This also informs their shopping decisions.

2. Avoid the lines at fast-fashion stores by shopping online.

3. They always have the perfect dress for last-minute occasions.

4. Give Themselves Plenty of Time to Get Ready: This goes hand in hand with readying your outfit at bedtime. Instead of waking up three snooze alarms later, take the morning to prep your outfit and fix your hair. Not only will it save you from running out of the house with a button unfastened or mismatched shoes, but it’ll also give you a few extra minutes to add a belt or a special piece of jewelry to polish off the look.

5. They pin style inspiration to a secret Pinterest board.

6. Only Wear Clothes that Fit and Flatter: Even the most fashionable women among us probably have a pair of “skinny” jeans they’re waiting to fit back into but they don’t wear them. Despite how much you love something in your wardrobe, if it doesn’t fit, it’s just time to let it go.


7. They aren’t afraid of any store—and can find something almost anywhere. Legitimately stylish women will troll any store and they will find something while staying true to their aesthetic.

8. Know When to Wear Heels and When to Wear Flats: A fashionable woman is also a smart woman — she stocks her closet with shoes that are as comfortable as they are sophisticated and knows when to pull out the stilettos or rely on a pair of pointed, polished flats.

9. They dedicate a few extra minutes in the morning to styling their hair.

10. Dress For the Occasion: The well-dressed women in the room are always the ones who got the dress code memo. They look polished and appropriate — never the ones tugging at their miniskirt in a room full of more conservative looks.





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