Stop Telling Your Big Dreams To Small Minded People

November 21, 2015

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If you walk into my room I have a little “Being Mary Jane” situation going on. I have a bunch of sticky notes on my wall with quotes. “It’s always impossible until its done” that’s one of the quotes I have on a sticky note on my wall in my room and I read it EVERY MORNING before I leave the house.  Sometimes sharing your dreams with small minded people can only leave room for more fears and doubts to step into your mind. Fear and doubts are undoubtedly apart of the process but you don’t need any one adding more to what you already feel.

Everything I’ve ever done or attempted to do, I have had my fair share of doubts and thoughts of failure. Me writing this post, starts with a fear, me deciding to put myself out here on the internet, starts with a fear. But I have challenged myself to overcome my fears because my dreams are bigger than my fears.

I just want something so great and I aim for things that are so big. I simply can’t afford to entertain ANY negative energy around me. I think it is SO important to surround myself with other dreamers and doers. If you give in to all the people who tell you all the reasons you can’t do something then of course you won’t be able to. If you give into that negative energy then you’re not going to have the fuel, the aggression and the fire that you’ll need to fuel you to achieve your goals and dreams. Always remember that if you give up on your dreams it will only haunt you.

November 20, 2015



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