Stop Trying “To Find Yourself”

December 8, 2016


I organized this shoot to symbolize the release of the idea of me trying to “find myself”. I’ve now allowed my self to be completely opened to accepting that I am a multifaceted individual who is entitled to explore and constantly evolve. For years I’ve been obsessed with the quest of self discovery. I’ve always thought that I have to choose between my varying interests but I really don’t. I want to express and explore all the things that interest me because by nature I am a very curious person.

It is liberating to understand that my “self” and the world is unstable and imperfect. My “self” is always evolving so I will never “find it”. Knowing that gives me more opportunity to make small changes constantly. We all can alter things daily, with small steps and if we’re successful we can eventually build huge communities around us in which we, and other people, can thrive.

Outfit Details:

Top: Shopmimc

Pants: Thrifted




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