Style Advice For Girls With Small Boobs

November 14, 2015

Growing up I really hated not having bigger breast and more cleavage. But now I love being apart of the itty bitty titty committee, especial on the days when I can wear no bra and no one even notices.  Having smaller breasts is actually a major fashion blessing – most clothes are designed for a flatter chest and you can rock backless, low cut without any hassle. For the girl who wants to embrace her bees stings, here are a few styling tips for us flat chested girls:

  • Tank Tops & Camis – Camis and tanks, are your fashion BFF. Thin straps and cropped styles draw attention to your toned arms and upper body while diverting attention from your chest.

  • Become a jewelry person – You can wear delicate accessories such as thin, long chains to make your bust look fuller.”

  • Indulge in grunge – One of the best things about being blessed with  no boobs? You can do grunge chic like a boss.

  • Show off Your Waist – Create a shapely silhouette by wearing clothing that clings to the smallest part of your waistline. Any cinching in at the waist helps make your bust appear larger.

  • Wear Wider Belts – Wide waist belts enhance the appearance of a small bust. They cinch in the waist.

  • Add Embellishments – Wear tops with ruffles or embellishments around the chest area as these add volume without exaggerating a small bust.




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